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Smart Contract: 0xfdCe2c26df6Db597522601448f0486D4c8cF8382


Tenet implements Diversified Proof of Stake: restake your staked assets to validate a smart contract network secured by omnichain governance.

Further unlock the earning potential of your LSDs by using them in our native DeFi ecosystem; to mint a stablecoin, provide liquidity, or trade on leverage - all incentivized using our native gauges.


Diversified Collateral Untapped Liquidity

TENET is the first ever stablecoin minted using a diversified basket of interest-bearing liquid staking derivatives from leading blockchains; no centralised stablecoins as collateral.

Fully Sustainable 0% Interest Loans

Mint TENET. Borrow TENET from the Lucidity protocol smart contract for 0% interest. Earn TENET yields while having zero-cost liquidity to spend, trade, or hedge.

Economics Fueled By Organic Demand

TENET is built for mass adoption. TENET is the default money in Eva, the first user interface of crypto built for the world’s non-technical customer base.

Tenet Token Airdrop & Presale

Presale End on

Listing CEX at Jan 8, 2024.
Listing Price : 1 $TENET = 2 USD

Address Contract

Claim 700 $TENET


Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 1,500 TENET

Max Buy 5 BNB = 750,000 TENET

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Other Benefits


Inclusive Ecosystem

The standard PoS framework limits access to the network by requiring native tokens for validation. Tenet's model allows validation and delegation through a variety of assets, increasing inclusivity and economic activity in the ecosystem.

Yield Maximization

DiPoS lets TENET owners earn extra rewards by restaking assets while keeping exposure to the collateral, while Tenet offers a TENET as a liquid derivative for further DeFi use.

Paradigm Shift in Security

In PoS networks, attacks on a single staked asset can weaken the network's security. Tenet's PoS model uses staked positions of major assets for validation, addressing this weakness.



- 100,000,000 $TENET Total Supply

- 29,000,000 $TENET Burned πŸ”₯

- 8,400,000 $TENET Liquidity Funding πŸ”

- 4,200,000 $TENET Initial Liquidity πŸ”

- Token Symbol: TENET

- Buy Fee: 3% Marketing, 2% Reflection

- Sell Fee: 3% Marketing, 2% Reflection

TENET Roadmap

The project schedule
  • PLAN Phase 1

    - Logo And Sticker Design;
    - Open Social Media Accounts;
    - Website launch;
    - Whitelist competition;
    - Youtube marketing;
    - Shill to earn program;
    - Partnership with calls community and pinksale tier 1 partners;
    - Pinksale presale;
    - PinkSale Trending;
  • LAUNCH Phase 2

    - Launch on Pancakeswap;
    - CMC Listing;
    - CG Listing;
    - Dexview Trending;
    - TOP 1/7 BSC trending;
    - More calls with telegram communities;
    - Buybot in closed groups;
    - AveDex Listing;
    - DexTools Upgrade;
    - Weiboo and WeChat Asian Marketing;
    - Binance Live AMA;
    - Bsc Gems;
    - Partners Army's Groups;
  • PROGRESS Phase 3

    - Launch TENET Token on BSC Network;
    - Alpha Group for holders, more details to be announced;
    - Influencer campaign;
    - Dex Agreggator in BSC, more rewards for holders;
  • RUN Phase 4

    - Certik Audit;
    - Bridge dapp on mainnet;
    - Big marketing (marketing campaign phase 2);
    - Youtube marketing;
  • MOON Phase 5

    - Exchange listing;
    - Increase marketing;
    - Create a pool stake;
    - Youtube marketing;


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